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Paint stripping

Our method we use to remove paint from stone and bricks aims to protect the masonry by brushing on chemical and spraying off with low pressure hot water band steam.

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning can get rid of grime, paint splatters, mould, or any other marks. Ideal for all out door areas and walls. A quick and effective way to brighten and clean.

Acid Washing

Acid washing removes lime, cement smears and stains from bricks and pavers.


Thanks for a great job Clint. Well worth the money and very exciting to see the results, every day a new look revealed.

Brad Schutz

Thanks for all your hard work, it has exceeded our expectations! Hopefully once the repointing is done it will be returned to its former glory. Thanks again.

Brendan - Trinity Gardens

Looks Awesome! Well done guys!


Hey Clint, The bricks came up great! Thanks for all your work and for tidying up so well. Really appreciate it.


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